Permanent high blood pressure can be very dangerous.

If left untreated, the risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack increases significantly.
Hypertension is a major cause of chronic renal failure and only a slight permanent increase in arterial blood pressure can lead to a shortened life expectancy.

There are various factors that affect blood pressure.
Insulin resistance, salt sensitivity, genes and age.
But the main factor is and remains obesity.
The risk of developing hypertension is five times higher for obese people than for lean people, and more than two thirds of all cases are attributable to excessive weight.

It is essential for optimal blood pressure control, to have reliable blood pressure measurements available, which are influenced by various factors and also the time of day.
Therefore, we use a 24-hour blood pressure measuring device, which every 15-30 minutes and at night every 60 minutes automatically registered during the day.
Following the test, the values ​​are read into the computer and evaluated by me.
A correct permanent adjustment of the blood pressure is vital and therefore it may be necessary to have repeated 24-hour measurements carried out.